Nick Talbot


Nick Talbot, BS, CLT, LMT | Brannick Clinic of Natural MedicineLymphatic Practitioner & Complete Decongestive Therapy (includes bandaging)
Through my biomedical educational background, 10-years of holistic health experience and certifications, I can  improve health through lymphatic enhancement using the Lymphstar Pro instrument. It is an electro-biology device and has been in use for over 25-years. It emits a low energy vibration that is safe and relaxing. It is a bio-electrical device that uses therapy heads containing noble gases in glass tubes. The gases are ionized by a high voltage field at low current. The therapy heads emit various fields of energy when touched onto the skin.

These Vibrational Energies Are:

  1. An electrostatic field.
  2. This field dynamically pulsed at low frequencies to create acoustic waves.
  3. An electro-pressure field is created using two therapy heads on various locations.

When coupled with a therapist’s caring attention and manual drainage techniques, you have a highly effective therapeutic system we call lymphatic enhancement technology (LET).

Being 1 of 300 unique certified therapists in the country, I can provide a therapy that is not widely practiced. In addition, I’m an Illinois licensed massage therapist and a certified lymphatic therapist.