Please note that in keeping with HIPAA Privacy Standards, we have withheld the full names of our patients.

My wife and I, we had the same nasty bronchial infection. She got it first, went to see her MD, and passed it on to me. I decided to try my ND instead. My wife took antibiotics & I did the Brannick treatment. Dr. Brannick suggested I come in for hydrotherapy. What the heck is that?! So I go in for the treatment and they do a sequence of very hot towels on your upper torso, followed by towels soaking in ice water, and electrical stimulus, and believe it or not it was actually relaxing, I started to doze off. Didn’t really feel any different afterward, in fact had to pull over driving home because I was coughing so hard, but a little while later, it just stopped. I was actually able to lie in bed without erupting in fits of coughing. Slept through the night after two nights of no more than 3 hours sleep, woke up late, felt rested and energetic, even went to the gym to work out this morning. My wife? She took antibiotics 2 weeks ago and still has her cough! She’s still sick & I’m not. I’ll stick with the ND!

T. K.


Dear Dr. Brannick and to all your new patients:

I can’t thank you enough. You’re a miracle worker!

I came to you with pain everywhere in my muscles and joints, acute fatigue, extreme levels of acid indigestion for 2 years, unable to sleep and was really worried I was seriously sick. My regular GI doctor put me on Prilosec (for acid indigestion) 2 years ago and just wanted me to continue taking it even though the acid just got worse.

Six days after starting your treatment plan all the pain was gone and I was sleeping again! Two weeks later I could stand while making dinner without the need to set down. I could walk upstairs without fatigue. I could shop and push a full cart around a store without extreme pain or a desperate need to set down. I lost 9 lbs so far, I’ve lost the puffiness in my face and now have clear eyes. I feel ten years younger too! My skin, nails and hair aren’t dry anymore either. Even my bowels are now text book perfect. Sleeping is wonderful. I wake up happy not dragging. I am happy again 🙂

To all the new patients: Whatever your health issue- this is the place for you. Take her advice, be a good patient and you will have your live back again! The medical industry needs to change and take a natural approach to healing and stop pushing pills to solve everything.

It’s a wonderful journey with Dr. Brannick. God Bless her.


M. Z.


I was diagnosed at 26 in the E.R. with severe active/symptomatic Gallbladder Disease. I was suffering beyond what I can express in words. With regular GB attacks and repeated trips to the E.R. for IV narcotic pain meds, unable to leave my home to attend a short family gathering or even for a quick trip to the store. I was told by each conventional physician/surgeon that I saw that surgical removal of the gallbladder was the one and only option available to anyone with G.B. disease. I wanted to pursue alternative medicine before resorting to aggressive surgery and thank God I did.

Dr. Brannick is extremely attentive and thorough in her work. From day one she made me feel as though one of my own personal family members was caring for me, truly. This woman is, without question, a master in her field. Throughout my journey she has never backed down from the challenges my health has presented. She has given me hope and confidence to push through even when things seemed impossible- I knew I could trust her judgement and felt safe with her direction (and I’m am a person that enforces heavy control over my healthcare). I was confident in her guidance because I was physically feeling positive results from her custom treatment selections which proved to me that she was extremely well-versed in what she was doing.

Dr. Brannick does not treat you with a blanket approach as they do in conventional medicine where they generally expect everyone to experience identical responses to all things. She treats you as an individual with your own unique body chemistry and health challenges as we are no 2 alike with each of us having variations to sensitivities, diet, environmental exposures, personality, family history, etc..

In addition to the top quality treatment plan with top quality supplementation, some of my greatest leaps in my recovery came with Dr. Brannick starting me on the Blood Type diet. I immediately shifted from suffering after every bite of food to being able to digest without pain and agony. I personally would not label this a “diet” as much as it is a logical approach to eating the appropriate foods based on their compatibility with your chemistry according to the evolution of the human blood types. I knew the first day I began eating according to this science, that my body was finally getting the foods it truly WANTED and NEEDED. I simply could not deny the very obvious physical improvements I was experiencing. My family noticed immediately and wanted to start eating by their blood types after they saw what it did for me. If you think this is just another fad diet or hoodoo voodoo approach to eating, you are mistaken and I would invite you to dig deeper. Your body is not capable of lying to you and when you nourish your body according to these guidelines you will experience a huge shift in the way you feel. Again, because we all have different variations of body chemistry you may find you need to adjust things a bit within the profile for your blood type. Each blood type profile provides you with the massive foundation of what is most compatible with your chemistry so that you can achieve optimal digestion and absorption. Here’s the kicker: My family and myself have all found, with some degree of awe, that the foods labeled as “avoid”, according to the books ,are already foods that we don’t like or that we know make us sick or suffer indigestion. Likewise, the foods that are in the “medicine” columns are foods we already know we enjoy and which agree with us. Coincidence? I think not. Your body knows what it needs even better than you do. Listen to your body- it CAN’T lie.

I no longer suffer gallbladder/liver pain and have not had a gallbladder attack in 2.5 years. I feel the best I have since before all of my digestive issues began and I will NEVER return to conventional medicine for my care. Dr. Brannick’s goal is your complete recovery and total wellness. She is 10,000% in your corner and, in my opinion, is FAR better equipped to command your health than any conventional doctor on their best day.

Dr. Brannick, my body thanks you & loves you and I do as well. =^_^=

C. M.


My 2 Daughters (2 & 4) and I, have been trying to heal MRSA for 2 years now. It is a tricky and smart bug to say the least. We get the “boils” that look like bad spider bites. We began going to the ER to get them lanced and drained, I even had to have surgery in my armpit to remove one of my glands that was infected. We have been thru quite a bit with this, and as you can imagine going thru this with small children is every parents nightmare. I learned how to drain them at home eventually but this was not enough. We visited Dr. Brannick and she started us on her personalized treatment plan for us. We were about a month in and my youngest had a cracked fingernail that the MRSA fled to and infected so badly. After 1 treatment in the HBOTC it had began to drain, this was a huge step with this, if you can imagine a 2yo thumb being swollen to double the size and every shade of the rainbow. After the next 4 treatments everyday, the nail finally fell off and the infection was gone. Just like that. We have dealt with this many times (about every other month for 2 years) and I had yet to see a reaction like this. I was so grateful to Dr. Brannick and Dr. Gregory could help us thru this. Thank you again to everyone at the Brannick Clinic and we can not wait to see what the future holds!

C. R.


Dear Dr Brannick:

Several years ago my physician began to be concerned about my age (50) and elevated cholesterol. He recommended a generic statin to reduce my “bad” cholesterol level. The drug worked and my cholesterol dropped dramatically, but I experienced muscle fatigue and weakness. As an avid jogger I wanted to try an alternative. I visited Dr. Brannick and she developed a recommended diet and vitamin regiment that reduced my cholesterol levels to a normal range. I also felt better generally and began to job with greater vitality. I am grateful for the care and attention that I received and am fortunate to have found an alternative approach versus conventional drug therapy. Thanks for helping me get on the right track with a natural approach.


M. S.


Dr. Michelle Brannick helped me in a way not possible by traditional medicine. Her approach is refreshingly individualized. Dr. Brannick’s approach makes sense, especially today, when we are bombarded with toxic and drug “solutions” t our health problems, but not actual prevention and support for our own immune system. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago. The support treatment that I still follow today are based on Dr. Brannick’s recommendations: she addressed my blood type, diet and digestion, correct supplements and treatments such as hydrotherapy, peat baths and massage. Traditional MD’s were only giving me statistics on my odds to live or die based on current drug therapies, but today I am thriving—cancer free and healthy—based on the advice of Dr. Brannick. I would highly recommend the Brannick Clinic for anyone with chronic health problems or those interested in prevention and wellness.

L. D.


I came to Dr. Brannick with triglycerides of 513 and cholesterol of 277. I was frustrated with my MD’s approach of adding more pharmaceuticals to my already difficult history of poor drug reactions and complications resulting in surgeries. After just less than a year under Dr. Brannick’s drug-free care, and following her prescribed regimen of natural supplements and simple diet adjustments, my triglycerides are cut in half and cholesterol is near normal. I have a feeling of overall well-being, (which shows in my lowered blood pressure) like I have not experienced for 10 years.

A. M.


A few years ago I discovered I had arthritis. I started having a difficult time with everyday activities, even getting out of bed was a huge struggle for me. I felt as if I was in my 70’s and I was only a teenager. I began my treatment for my condition. I saw 3 doctors and was given 4 different types of medication, along with weekly injections. I never looked forward to my appointments with them, on the contrary. I would feel nervous and confused. Every visit was the same, they took a look at me, wrote things down and gave me refills for my prescriptions which were having negative side effects on me such as fluid collection in my hands. My arthritis continued to progress and I felt sad and hopeless that I would be this way forever.

That all changed when I first learned about natural medicine. My first appointment with the Brannick Clinic was a completely different experience. They saw me as a real person and not just some patient. They talked to me and explained what was happening to me and how they could help me. I have been doing my treatments with the Brannick Clinic for a year now and since then I have been feeling good, painfree, happy, hopefull and overall positive. Now I look forward to all my appointments because of how good I feel afterwards. I’m not completely cured yet but I’m hopefull and have faith that I will be with time as long as I continue with natural medicine. I am so grateful to the doctors at Brannick Clinic for giving me my youth, energy and ability to jump out of bed back to me. They have helped change me from a sad, negative person to a happy and positive one 🙂

A. F.


We have been patients at Brannick Clinic in St. Charles since the fall of 2009. The experience has been remarkable. The physicians are highly trained, caring and continually strive to keep us in the best of health. The staff is friendly and helpful; it is a pleasure to go or call the office. If you believe healthcare should be individually focused, this is the place. Our search for healthcare professionals with a great variety of expertise in diagnosis and treatment ended here. The emphasis is o diet and natural remedies. The route to health is at your personal and financial comfort level. We urge you to make the commitment to your health and well-being. The Fox Valley area is fortunate to have this clinic available to us.

W. D.


REASON FOR COMING / MASSAGE: Medical HAS IT IMPROVED? Yes – more relaxed – more movement – tensity went away – less pain. Have gone to other clinics for back relief but your clinic works the best! When I started coming here, pain level 6-7, now 2-3.

C. G.


REASON FOR COMING: Weight loss, allergies, psoriasis HAS IT IMPROVED? Nasal 100%, psoriasis improved a lot & lost weight, more energy – feel a lot better than use to. Very happy & will continue. Better than Western medicine.

M. C.


High Blood Sugar & Cholesterol I did not want to start on the prescription “merry go round”. MD’s chase symptoms, I didn’t want that. You’re an individual here not a file number to be told to take this pill, then that pill, etc.

S. T.


REASON FOR COMING? DETOX PROGRAM: I was suffering from a significant flare-up of my ulcerative colitis and was diagnosed with asthma. HAS IT IMPROVED? The inflammation in my body was reduced. Drs. Brannick & Gregory are compassionate and kind.



REASON FOR COMING? To learn about ways to improve my psychological and physical health. How to manage my stress and sort out menstrual cycle. Experienced stress since beginning of high school and halfway through college. I had no menstrual cycle for two years. HAS IT IMPROVED? I do not have a racing mind before bed and can focus a lot better throughout the day. Great experience. I received a lot of knowledge about health that I not know before. I enjoy the Blood Type Diet outline!

L. B.


I came to the Brannick Clinic of Natural Medicine with a problem in my hands. I could not close my hands in the morning. Also, my index fingers would catch and it was painful to straighten them. My oncologist suggested I go to an orthopedic surgeon but I knew surgery was not for me. You see my favorite past times are playing the guitar and twirling the baton. I immediately went to my naturopath’s office and they (Dr. Gregory & Dr. Brannick) treated me with therapy, Well Wave machine, and of course time and encouragement. They also showed me hand exercises I could do to help the problem. They not only helped but cured my hand problem. I am back to playing the guitar and twirling with no problems. Thank you to this team of dedicated doctors.

J. N.



REASON FOR COMING? Overall well-being. HAS IT IMPROVED? Feeling more energy, clarity. I would recommend Brannick Clinic to everyone.

J. O.


REASON FOR COMING? Depression, off sleep schedules, stomach pain, severe panic attacks where our son could not even leave our home or work. HAS IT IMPROVED? Almost within a few days but for sure within a week, seems happier, sleeping more soundly, overall just feel better. Dr. B is awesome! A phone call accepted out of the blue with a “Yes” come in to really caring about our son as a person not a #. A blessing to our family. Very appreciative of everyone. Each person in the office paid 1-1 attention to each of us and saw our desire to help our son get back on track with life.

D. M.


Ever since my late 20’s, I’ve had chronic gout just like my father and uncle. It’s an inflammatory disease and it’s extremely painful to the point where you can’t walk at times. It feels like your skin is going to burst from the swelling. My MD put me on steroids a few years ago to get the swelling down but, of course, it has side effects so I tried to get off of it but the gout returned. So I went to see Dr. Brannick and she prescribed 3 servings of red meat a week. That’s the very thing I was told was causing the gout and now she wants me to eat more of it?? She said I require the protein but I’m not absorbing it properly so she prescribed enzymes to help with absorption. I was suspicious, but she was right: I feel really good and I’m completely off the drugs. I have no gout symptoms and I’ve actually started jogging, something I’ve never been able to do and something that was completely unthinkable just a few months ago. Plus, I’m 62 and in your 60s, especially for men, it’s kind of unusual to build muscle mass, but I’ve noticed I actually lift more weight, about 25% more, than ever before. I’m a believer. Dr. Brannick is my health shaman.

T. K.


I like Dr. Brannick because she stopped my allergies. I don’t sneeze anymore. I can go outside and play in the summer and I can play with dogs and cats and not sneeze and I don’t get a running nose! My eyes don’t water and itch. I liked talking to Dr. Brannick because she talked to me like my mom and I felt like she wanted the best for me!

C. age 9


It has been a little over a year since I have been seeing Dr. Brannick, and I’m so glad I’ve made that decision to do so. With seeing her throughout the year I’ve been successfully healed the right way and feel so much healthier. Her analysis of the supplements I needed for my healing, her counseling on how I should be eating, has given me results that friends and family have noticed the changes in me; I lost weight. Dr Brannick really makes me feel relaxed when I talk to her, she listens so intensively and advised me with so much certainty and so much positive energy that I feel, and I can now say, I know I’m on the right path with natural medicine.



Dr. Brannick made my itchy, bleeding eczema go away. I don’t want milk anymore because it makes me itchy.

S. age 7


I visited “thousands” of doctors and I lost my hope that one day I will feel better again. But there might was still a little hope left, because i decided to visit one more, the last one, doctor (recommended by friend of a friend) -Dr Michelle Brannick. First of all, when she gave me the treatment plan- i wasnt strict to this, I didnt follow by this regularly, but after 6 weeks Dr Brannick said, “Let me help you, please follow strictly the treatment plan and you will see results.” And today- its been almost 3 months since I have started the treatment and I cant find words to describe how much better I feel and how I’m happy I found Dr Brannick.

Thank you so so much Dr Brannick you brought my happy life back. I appreciate all you did and do for me.

A. G.


The absolutely best Natural Medicine Doctor on the planet! Thank you for all that you do!

S. J.


I have seen amazing results with the peripheral neuropathy in my foot with just 6 treatments of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The swelling and redness are decreased and the pain is greatly reduced. My leg ulcer that I had for over a year is beginning to heal. I could barely walk and am now walking more with each treatment. As a side effect I also have more energy. I highly recommend this treatment.

R. from Wisconsin


I had tried to find solutions to various health problems for many years. Thanks to Dr. Brannick, in less than a year I was no longer diabetic, I lost 40 pounds, and my liver and migraine condition had greatly improved. I am a true believer that natural medicine is the best choice. Thank you, Dr. Brannick!

B. S.


Dr. Brannick did an amazing presentation to our employee group. She educated us on the benefits of how getting proper nutrition can help with overall wellness. Dr. Brannick’s passion comes out in her presentation. It is obvious she cares and wants to share her knowledge with others. Very well done. I would love to have her back!

S. O.