Detoxification Program



Brannick Better Health: Detoxification Program

The question here is not “Am I toxic?” but rather “How toxic am I?” We’ve all picked up toxins from a variety of sources including poor diet, bad habits, and the environment. Stored toxins recirculate in the blood and may contribute to long-term poor health. Detoxification is the removal of toxic materials from the body. Fortunately, the human body has multiple systems of detoxification. Accordingly, we offer multiple detox therapies as needed for the individual and prescribed by your doctor. Colon Hydrotherapy detoxifies the colon and supports its function; Peat Baths and Infrared Sauna remove toxins stored in body tissues, including heavy metals; Constitutional Hydrotherapy encourages lymphatic flow; Fiber carries toxins out of the blood stream; and Herbal Therapies promote purification of the blood. Your doctor will tell you which therapies are best suited to your health.

We offer an extended 30 day complete detox program and a shorter 15 day detox program.  These programs targets the organs of detoxification which include the liver, kidneys, lungs, fat tissue, blood, skin, and muscle with several different therapies.  Our detoxification program can produce amazing results!