For New Patients


Your first visit to Brannick Clinic will be longer and more in-depth than your average doctor’s visit. Allow 90 minutes with the doctor who will take a comprehensive health history and physical exam. If needed, a blood draw and urinanalysis will be taken, too. If you have had a recent blood work up we will request a copy from your doctor or you may bring in a copy with you to the first appointment. We usually require a CBC with differential, comprehensive metabolic panel, urinanalysis, cholesterol panel with LDLs and HDLs separated out, and blood typing (A, AB, O, B). After your appointment, your doctor will study all of your information, and formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan to share with you at your follow-up appointment.

Here’s how to get the most from your first visit to Brannick Clinic:

  • Be prepared and on time. Being late will shorten your appointment!
  • Arrive 15-minutes early to complete paper work or download forms immediately below on this page.
  • Write down any health complaints.
  • Write down all your health questions.
  • Bring the most recent blood workup; nothing older than 6-months.
  • If you cannot get copies of your blood workup, bring in the doctor’s name and address from the last workup and we will request a copy.
  • Bring in all medications and supplements, including antacids and painkillers like Tylenol and Advil.
  • We request that you please do not wear perfume or heavy scents, as many of our patients are chemically sensitive.

Should you ever need to cancel an appointment, 24-hour notice is required or a charge of $150.00 will be billed to you.