You Can't Obtain Natural Energy with an Energy Drink

If you’re serious about increasing energy and detoxifying your body, there is no miracle cure. The Brannick Clinic offers a 15-day, doctor-supervised, detoxification program. Most of our patients, who have completed the program, feel invigorated. They report both an increase in energy and mental clarity.

Detoxification is not accomplished by drinking a detox tea or by taking laxatives. A complete detox program addresses all the organs of detoxification—to improve their ability to remove waste products stored in the body. It addresses the pulling of toxins from fat and muscle tissue by invoking increased circulation. The liver, our main organ in the process, needs not only to be supported, but to be detoxified.

Our 15-day program is designed to address every facet of detoxification. We increase circulation of the body with constitutional hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, peat baths, lymphatic massage and then remove waste with colonic irrigation. We support the body with oxygen through a hyperbaric chamber, which encourages the cells to detoxify. Our program recommends pure supplements, with no contaminates or toxic byproducts. We recommend a diet high in fiber and water, to bind waste products and properly eliminate them.

We guide and monitor the entire process to minimize any discomfort. Finally, we encourage a lifestyle that includes a daily detox at home—after the program is completed.

We would be happy to answer any questions about our program. Call us for more information. Also, check out our Web site and view our detox program video.

We look forward to supporting you to a natural energetic state of being.