We Should Be Your First Stop—Not Your Last


Brannick Clinic of Natural MedicineThe physicians at Brannick Clinic of Natural Medicine are trained and educated in primary care medicine. This means you should see us first—not after you have been to other doctors and taken toxic medications that worsened your health and damaged your long-term vitality.

We diagnose and treat the cause—not just pretend you are better by masking symptoms with pain medications or steroids. This saves you time and money. Your health returns quickly and you won’t also have to recover from conventional therapies.

Here is an example patient history to show how Brannick Clinic may be utilized for your primary healthcare.

Nancy has been our patient since 2007 and she was recently in our office. I asked her if she exclusively uses our healthcare services. Nancy replied, “Why not? You have kept me healthy for many years and I don’t want drugs and procedures. I have a very active life and want to keep it that way!”  Nancy is a yoga instructor and needs to keep her physical endurance.

Nancy’s first visit was in 2007 for menstrual, hormonal imbalance and digestive problems with heartburn. She returns annually for bloodwork ups and physical exams, including PAPS. In 2008, Nancy complained of vertigo, fatigue and itchy skin. Her blood work showed abnormalities with her liver and these issues were corrected with supplements. We subsequently saw her for yeast infections and hot flashes. Through the years we treated her for strep throat, upper respiratory infections, shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes and wheezing—all without antibiotics. This approach improved her health without leaving her more susceptible to reinfections. In 2012, Nancy had nutritional deficiencies, revealed through blood work, which were easily corrected.

In 2013, Nancy almost cut off the tip of her thumb. She did not want to go to the ER—realizing they would prescribe antibiotics and administer a tetanus shot. It was a Sunday and I opened the office to see her. Her thumb was bleeding profusely, and the tip of the thumb was barely hanging on. I treated her—bleeding stopped, and the tip of her thumb healed with no scarring. Later In 2013 she was experiencing high stress and difficulty sleeping. In 2014 we saw her for headaches. Fatigue crept in again and we treated her adrenal glands in 2015.

In 2016, Nancy lost her partner of many years and came in for grief—she did not want antidepressants and we helped her with homeopathy. In 2018, Nancy was experiencing digestive symptoms and dry eyes. Through the years there were body pains and injuries to knee, foot, ankle and neck. Most recently she came in for a sprained ankle and it resolved with 2-treatments of myofascial trigger point therapy and using our Well Wave device. Nancy continues to use our facility as her first and only stop for health care.

We have supported Nancy through many years of evolving life conditions and health. Nancy is vital, strong, emotionally centered, stable and continues a rigorous yoga practice. She also has written the book, Yoga for Scoliosis—A Path for Students and Teachers.

All too frequently, we help people get better, then they get sick again and run back to drugs and eventually return to us after seeing several specialists. Antibiotics should rarely be used and only in life threatening situations. It takes 2-years to bounce back from an antibiotic. There are better ways to restoring health than with pharmaceuticals. We have many patients like Nancy to prove it and we are also here to help you and your family.