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We Are Strong | Brannick ClinicDon’t let Big Pharma coerce you into believing you are weak and need a pill for every ailment. There’s no magical pill to fix everything—in fact, every drug has a side effect, which results in more drugs. Instead, be strong and allow your body to heal. Masking symptoms won’t fix you, it allows the underlying problem to persist and get worse. Eventually the cause will need to be addressed or further suppressed with more drugs. This is what Big Pharma wants. They want you to be uneducated about healing your body. They want you to take more and more drugs at any cost to your long term health. It keeps them rich and in control of the healthcare system. Become educated and learn how to support your body—especially as you age.

Read the inserts to your medications. Many drugs have black box warnings on them. These warnings alert people of serious side effects. With the explosion of new drugs on the market there is also an explosion of black box warnings. These warnings should not be taken lightly, especially when the disease you are trying to cure may have easy, natural solutions or perhaps just living with the symptom is better than taking drugs that cause other serious side effects. Taking responsibility for your health is the first step in healing!

Taking drugs does not necessarily make us happy and walking on the beach, like they want you to believe on their commercials.  Some of the more toxic, frequently prescribed drugs I see patients taking are Cipro for urinary tract infections. This is a neurotoxin and I have patients permanently disabled due to extreme damage to their nervous system resulting in severe anxiety.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) warns us about the overuse of antibiotics that has led to antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is due to overuse by demands of uneducated patients and eager prescribing doctors. Antibiotics only work against bacteria yet, they are prescribed for viruses, allergies and prevention of infection. They should only be prescribed for an actual bacterial infection. Antibiotic resistance is when bacteria don’t respond to the drugs designed to kill them. Often the bacteria become stronger and nothing is effective at killing it off. Simple infections then become fatal.

Another big scam is the idea we have to reduce our cholesterol (fat) to ridiculously low numbers. Statin drugs are a class of medications that shut down the liver (much like shooting the messenger), so your cholesterol numbers look good on paper. Robbing Peter (your long term health) to pay Paul (make your cholesterol numbers look good on paper). What is needed is for patients to increase their good fats and reduce their bad fats. This is easily done with minor diet changes, supplements of omega-3s and exercise. Cholesterol is needed to produce hormones and support brain function. Statin drugs are related to early Alzheimer’s disease, confusion, muscle pain, liver and kidney failure, diabetes and death.

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