The Body Can Heal Itself


The Body Can Heal Itself | Brannick ClinicThe body can heal itself if we allow it. Our thoughts effect our ability to heal. When we focus on a certain thought, we manifest it, whether it is good or bad. Therefore we need to be aware of and control what we are thinking.

Our self-limiting beliefs get in the way of healing. We can’t expect the body to heal if we do not provide our minds with high quality, positive thoughts. A car cannot function very long if it is poorly maintained. Our bodies also need maintenance, if we want to run well. Our maintenance includes being aware of what and how we think.

Do we tend to look at the glass as being half full or half empty? Do we tend to say negative things? Try to catch yourself and change it to a positive statement. For example, instead if saying things are difficult or stressful, say it is a challenge you are up for and that it is interesting. It is exciting and fun to try new things otherwise life becomes boring. I truly believe we have to let the little things go. Many things we worry about are little and we make them big by over thinking them.

Fear prevents us from making good decisions. If a decision is based on fear, we need to avoid the decision until the fear is resolved—which is usually through education or simply by letting it go. We don’t have control over everything. Things usually work out if we stay out of the way!

We still need to be reasonable and responsible and appreciate our amazing bodies by taking care of it the best we can. This means eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, having a full night of sleep and avoiding poisons—whether it is mental or physical.

Additional Resources

Check out Gregg Braden’s YouTube video—it will change how you think about healing.

Also, see Abraham Hicks’ video about healing and healers.

Sending you all positive healing energy….