Supplements } Brannick ClinicAs Many of you know, I am very particular about what I put into my body. If I won’t take something, I won’t recommend it to my patients. When it comes to supplements, It’s important they be of high quality and purity. Through the years I have recommended the use of Thorne Research products. I feel nothing comes close in quality, pureness and effectiveness. (Note: I do not own stock in this company, but I wish I did—they are privately held. Thorne is a company that will one day dominate the supplement industry!) If we are going to spend our money and effort taking supplements, they need to be effective and pure.

Raw ingredients must be thoroughly tested to insure purity and strength—this is lacking in many companies. Thorne not only tests its raw ingredients for strength, but also for purity and they do not allow for GMO products.

I recently visited the Thorne Research facility in Sandpoint, Idaho and was impressed by the organization and cleanliness of the plant. All raw ingredients are placed in quarantine until inspected by laboratory analysis, before formulation. Every finished product is also tested. If a contaminant is exposed, the raw ingredient is rejected. This is not common practice in this industry. In fact, most raw ingredients are not tested which leaves a questionable end product—ineffective and possibly even toxic. As a physician, I need to get patients better and don’t take chances.

In April 2012, the FDA inspected the Thorne manufacturing plant. After a three and a half day inspection, the report showed NO deficiencies and passed within the top two percent!

With thousands of different brands on the market, it is difficult for patients to determine quality. Of course, many choose a supplement based on the lowest price. With Thorne, you are getting what you pay for, not fillers, not contaminated raw ingredients, not magnesium stearate, which prevents absorption of most nutrients, nor detrimental additives, colors, preservatives or unnecessary ingredients. Formulations are based scientific studies.

To summarize, if patients want to restore their health, it is vitally important they take high-quality supplements. I feel no other company equals the quality and effectiveness of Thorne.