Prevent Cancer Now


Prevent Cancer Now | Brannick ClinicCancer has reached epidemic proportions and it is estimated within our lifetime, cancer will effect 1 in 2 people. It is not genetics—our ancestors rarely had cancer. The best way to deal with cancer is to prevent it in the first place. What frequently “turns on” the cancer gene is our lifestyle. Research shows 90% of all cancer is related to lifestyle choices.

It is so difficult to see people go through horrendous, needless pain and suffering with a cancer diagnosis. Decisions around cancer are heavily based in fear. People are told they have to react now to beat the cancer, when in fact, if they took the time to think about it, they would realize there are safe and effective alternative treatments. Cancer grows for many years before it is discovered.

So what “turns on” the genes to develop cancer?  It all starts with what we put in our body. We either put high octane fuel to support function or we put in substances that impair the ability of the body to destroy cancer cells and heal.

These substances that set us up for cancer are poor quality food, drugs, negative thoughts, hormones, chemicals, radiation and more. We need to think differently about our health and we need to think about protecting it. That means we need to be discerning about what we put into the tank! We need to work with our amazing body—not against it.

The way to eliminate the current exposure of these harmful things is to complete a detox program while raising your nutritional status. While correcting your diet can initially be challenging, it can become exiting and fun. On the other hand, it is far more challenging to deal with a cancer diagnosis. Health can be restored if supported correctly.

At our clinics, we offer a comprehensive detoxification and nutritional program tailored to an individual’s need. You can travel to the ends of the world, but you will not be able to find a more complete program to create and sustain optimal health. We do it right here in Illinois!

Our detox program does not just detox the colon with some pills. Our program targets the organs of detoxification which include the liver, kidney, lungs, fat tissue, blood, skin and muscle with several different therapies. Our comprehensive detox/nutritional plan can produce amazing results!

Come visit the Brannick Clinic of Natural Medicine where you will learn how a healthy lifestyle can be exciting, fun, affordable and it will make you feel sexy from the inside out.