Polly Deardorff


Polly Deardorff RN | Brannick Clinic of Natural MedicinePolly has been passionate about holistic health for many years. In 1996, while working as an RN, Polly completed a basic course in massage therapy from the Center for Therapeutic Massage and Wellness. She fell in love with the Bellanina® facelift massage in 2010. Polly became certified in this relaxing face massage technique a year later. This technique not only feels wonderful, it reduces tension in the face, neck and shoulder muscles, improves circulation and rejuvenates your skin. It’s one of the most relaxing stress reduction and anti-aging therapies available. After having a part-time Bellanina® business out of her home, Polly joined Brannick clinic in the spring of 2019 to work at the front desk and do the Bellanina® facelift massage. Additionally, Polly is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a yoga teacher.