Non-Laser Tattoo Removal


Adorning your body with a tattoo is not a new concept. The earliest known tattoo was discovered on human skin dating over five thousand years ago. Until recently, tattoos were considered permanent.

For the most part, tattoos are relatively safe. Some of the more common health issues are:

• Infection
• Allergies
• Scarring
• Granulomas (i.e. small knots or bumps)
• MRI Complications

According to a small study in the journal, Contact Dermatitis, about 10% experiences some health issue after getting a tattoo. Of those experiencing a problem, six in ten were chronic (e.g., itching or swelling for years). For some, removing the tattoo is the best option to eliminate these problems.

While many seeking a tattoo are concerned about the needles used in the process, few people know exactly what is in the ink. Tattoo inks are not closely regulated in the United States and different colors contain different chemicals.

Tattoo Removal Methods

So, what do you do when your tattoo says you love Linda, but you’re engaged to Nancy? Until recently, the only options were laser or acidic removal.

Laser Removal

• Explodes Ink (and the metals in the ink) into the Body and Bloodstream
• High Pain/Burning
• Requires 8- to 20-procedures
• Not All Colors are Removed
• Man-made Laser

Acidic Removal

• Burn Skin and Ink
• Moderate Pain/Burning
• Requires 3- to 8-procedures
• All Colors are Removed
• Synthetic Acid Injections

The GoTattless Method

The Brannick Clinic uses the GoTattless method and our goal is to provide the most gentle, natural and relaxing process possible.

• Draws Out Ink from Skin
• Relatively Pain Free
• 3- to 6-procedures
• All Colors Removed
• 100% Natural Process

We offer our non-laser tattoo removal treatments at all three of our offices. If you’ve been looking for a natural tattoo removal process, you can now find it at the Brannick Clinic. Call for an appointment.