Naturopathic Medicine Works


Naturopathic Medicine Works | Brannick Clinic of Natural MedicineMany of you know I had a severe accident 4-months ago where I fell down an entire set of stairs from top to bottom headfirst. The fall was traumatic both physically and emotionally. I still have PTSD from it. I don’t like stairs anymore and now hang on tight. It is amazing I survived with only broken bones and soft tissue damage. No broken neck, no concussion, not paralyzed, no broken hip etc.

The damage was to my arms and shoulders with shattered bone damage to my left ulnar and radial heads coming through the skin. I am being graphic so you can understand the complications of this event. My left pinky and right-middle finger were broken. I was in the ER for 7-hours as they set my left forearm. The resident who set my arm was utterly amazing for it was aligned correctly allowing me to take over after it was set. I was on morphine for the setting of the bone due to the enormous amount of pain.

The doctors wanted me on all kinds of pain medicine and antibiotics due to the bone breaking through the skin—they were sure I was going to get a bone infection. As most of you know I do not like antibiotics but do think there is a time and place for them. However, I was not going to take them unless I saw signs of an infection. So, I took their prescription but stopped taking them after day 2, because of the side effects. I was even more sick and weaker, could not eat, nauseated, and had a severe headache. For that first week, I could barely get out of bed due to the swelling and pain. I was unable to use both of my arms. I needed help to get dressed, bathe, eat and move. I was nervous about possible infection and not taking antibiotics, so I decided to do hyperbaric oxygen therapy. That week I went in 3-times. I felt so much better after treatment, with no signs of infection. I felt I cleared the infection risk.

Now to Heal My Arms
The MD’s pushed me to have surgery and their plan was to put a metal plate in my forearm to hold the wrist together because the bones were shattered. I did not want surgery, nor did I want a metal plate in my wrist for the rest of my life or to subsequently have another surgery to remove the plates. I was told the plate would limit my range of motion. So, I decided to do it my way because it is my body and I take full responsibility for the outcome and my health.

Every 2-3 weeks I had an x-ray to monitor the fractures to see if they were healing and still in alignment. If they were not healing and not in alignment, I had reconciled myself that I would require surgery. Progress was slow in the beginning due to so much trauma to my entire upper body. My left shoulder and elbow were swollen and painful to move. My right forearm was swollen, and I could not use my hands. I did all the natural medicine I could do—homeopathy, supplements, clean healthy diet, acupuncture, myofascial trigger point therapy, sound wave therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, physical therapy, and Reiki. I also slept a lot that first month. Sleep is when we heal.

I am happy to report my efforts worked. After 4-months, I am still working on getting my full range of motion back in my left shoulder, wrist, and right hand. I am however functioning quite well. My bones are almost solidified; tendons, ligaments and muscles are getting better all the time.

As you know, I believe in what I do and the power of natural medicine. There were a few moments I doubted myself, but I am happy it was just a fleeting moment. I had great results without drugs, opioids, antibiotics, or surgery.  If I would have had the metal plate in my arm it would mean ongoing problems and limited range of motion forever. I also saved a great deal of money and came out stronger for this, not weaker, by supporting my overall health.

I am telling you my story to help you take responsibility for your health and that there are safer, more cost-effective ways of healing the body.

I hope you all had a Happy Independence Day on the 4th of July.

Dr. Michelle Brannick ND, DC