Natural Tattoo Removal



Before and After—Just Three Treatments!

Natural Tattoo Removal at Brannick Clinic


A Natural Alternative to Laser or Acidic Tattoo Removal


Laser Removal

Acidic Removal

• Draws out ink from the skin

• Relatively pain free

• 3-6 procedures

• All colors removed

• 100% natural process 

• Explodes Ink Into Body

• High Pain/Burning

• 8-20 Procedures

• Not all colors removed

• Non-natural

• Burn Skin and Ink

• Moderate pain/Burning

• 3-8 Procedures

• All colors Removed

• Synthetic Acid Injections


​How It Works

Our goal is to provide the most gentle and relaxing experience possible. During your totally FREE consultation, our professionally trained technicians will explain the process and answer your questions. Once your consultation is complete it is now time to get you “un-inked”!

Safely Remove Your Tattoo

Don’t LASER the ink (and the metals in the ink) into your skin and bloodstream. Do it the all natural way. Our proprietary medical solution “pulls the ink” out of the skin using nature’s way of healing your skin. The result: The ink is gone and your skin is healthy. It’s even healthy enough for another tattoo if you want!

Available at All of Our Locations