I Found the Fountain of Youth...


I Found the Fountain of Youth... - Brannick ClinicIt seems everyone is interested in aging gracefully—myself included. I believe it’s about feeling and looking as best as I can for my age. I don’t need or want to be 20 again, but I want to be a good 50. I want vitality, mental clarity and of course to look as good as I can. Many patients ask me what supplements they should be taking to prevent aging… I respond by saying you are already on it—cod liver oil! Cod liver oil not only prevents aging and Alzheimer’s disease, it protects the skin from sunburn and leaves the skin looking younger. All this is achieved by increasing the good fats in your body and brain!  It is the least expense and most effective anti-aging medicine I could ever give you. So if you don’t want to take it for the amazing health benefits, take it for vanity.

In our office we call cod liver oil “liquid gold,” because it is extremely important to maintaining health. We simply cannot get the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in our diet that our body requires to maintain good health. Therefore we must supplement our diet with this vital substance and that is why Omega-3s are called “essential.”

Omega-3s counter the effects of the inflammatory fats like Omega 6, 9, and 12—common in most diets. Our cells are like balloons. If a cell has Omega-3s in its membrane wall, the cell is flexible like a water balloon—resilient to breakage or damage. A cell that lacks Omega-3s is like an air balloon—subject to easily breaking or damaged when squeezed. This is called oxidative stress and results in high turnover of cells. Good health requires cells to be resilient like a water balloon—not an air balloon. When we have cell membranes high in Omega-3s, the skin heals faster, is more flexible and resists cuts and splitting. Our blood vessels also become more flexible, which helps to prevent stroke. Our blood vessels can absorb the added pressure when blood pressure is elevated. Lack of Omega-3s result in vessels that easily burst with any added pressure. Skin looks aged and damaged with oxidative stress.

Why is fish oil preferred over flax oil? The absorption of Omega-3 from flax requires an enzyme called Delta6 desaturated. This enzyme is weak in most people and therefore not highly effective. Fish oil bypasses this enzyme conversion and is therefore instantly beneficial.

Cod liver oil supports: cardiovascular health, brain and nerve function, vision, immune system, bone strength, healthy joints and skin.