Heart Disease

Heart Disease | Brannick Clinic of Natural MedicineHeart disease did not go away. In fact, more people die of heart disease than COVID-19. 17.3 million people die of heart disease yearly. Over the age of 50, 85% will have coronary artery disease (CAD). CAD is plaque buildup in the arteries which can cause heart problems such as congestive heart failure and myocardial infarction. Men in their late 50s and early 60s are more susceptible to death from a heart attack.


All people but especially men need to work on their health prior to the age of 50 to prevent such a catastrophic event.


It all starts with poor nutritional habits such as fast food, lack of fiber, high sugar and caffeine intake along with a sedentary lifestyle. Smoking (which has declined) also increases the risk of heart disease.


All the above leads to obesity and hypertension. Cholesterol imbalance with high bad fats (LDLs and triglycerides) and low in good fats (HDLs) also leads to heart disease. Eventually diabetes sets-in, weakening the vessels. Vessels become inflamed and blood pressure increases. All this put added pressure on the heart. Signs of a weakening heart include abnormal heart rate, stroke, cognitive decline, and clots. Sudden stress with a high-risk patient can overwhelm the heart, causing death.


As natural doctors, we are constantly encouraging and directing our patients to improve their nutrition. If unable to cook meals, there are some great smoothies or shakes that can occasionally replace a home cooked meal. However not all protein drinks are healthy, and labels need to be read or ask one of our doctors on staff to recommend a good one. Plan and prepare food to bring with you to work. Increase water consumption to replace caffeinated drinks and soda.


Exercise is a must over the age of 50. If not, it catches up with you quickly. Obesity sets in making it more difficult to lose weight and blood pressure gradually increases. Walk daily and increase distance and speed weekly.


If you already have heart symptoms, there are many natural substances to reduce the risk of heart disease and death. See a natural physician who can correctly identify what is needed and of course if you smoke—stop. Acupuncture helps with nicotine addiction.