Five Ways to Improve Your Relationships


Five Ways to Improve Your Relationships | Brannick ClinicTo have a deep, meaningful relationship one must be open and honest—the walls must come down. To be open and honest is to be vulnerable—it means you have the potential to get hurt—you are all in! Vulnerability takes courage.

Work on the 5 T’s to develop a more meaningful relationship:

  1. Time – Need to spend quality time together without distractions.
  2. Talking – Need to spend time effectively communicating with each other in a calm sincere manner.
  3. Tenderness – Need to speak and touch tenderly.
  4. Trust – Need to feel a genuine sense of trust for each other.
  5. Truthfulness – Need to be open and honest without manipulating.

So, with the dawn of Spring, lets put some energy into our relationships—the rewards will be worth it. Open your hearts, take down the walls and have the courage to be vulnerable.