Fatima L. Massey

Colon Hydrotherapist

Fatima L. Massey | Brannick Clinic of Natural MedicineFatima L. Massey, born and raised in Chicago Illinois. A licensed cosmetologist, instructor, continuing education sponsor, author, ordained minister, certified domestic violence advocate, colon hydrotherapist, Nature’s Sunshine distributor and a mother of two lovely children. She attended Truman College where she received her certification as a cosmetologist and Dudley Beauty College where she received her certification as a cosmetology instructor. Owner and operator of VIP Styling Salon for seven years. Fatima later attended Wood Hygienic Institute for certification as a colon hydrotherapist.


In 2010, Fatima made a drastic change in her life and decided to live a life of faith. This lifestyle led her into ministry. She attended intercessory classes. She completed school of ministry at First Summit Evangelical Church in Pasadena California. On January 4, 2015, Fatima was ordained a minister. In June of 2016 her first book was released titled, Faith Sister, Passages of Wisdom. In November of 2020 her second book was released titled, The Experience, My Faith Journey. She believes we have the authority to change our life circumstances, but an act of faith is essential to allow God to move freely through us and direct our path. Fatima believes in the power of healing and our bodies are our temple. For many years, Fatima has suffered from digestive issues and used colon hydrotherapy as a safe and effective way to assist. Which is why she decided to further educate herself to help others by attending the school of colon hydrotherapy. She is a teacher of meditation and prayer, loves to motivate and inspire women of all ages and has a heart to aid and assist the poor and needy.


Fatima wants to be an example as a woman of integrity with life experiences and skills to share with the world. This woman is love and light to all mankind.