Dry Skin Brushing


Skin brushing is another way to support good health by improving circulation and detoxification.  The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is a barrier and protects us from infections, dehydration and burns, but it also eliminates toxic waste from our body. It has been called the third kidney because it releases uric acid. Detox is important on a daily basis and without it we die. That is why people with compromised kidney function undergo dialysis—a process that cleans the blood. When other detox systems of the body such as liver, kidneys, lungs are compromised, it puts even more load on the skin to provide detoxification. A strong odor may develop when the body is toxic.

Skin brushing is a great way to increase circulation and detoxify the skin. Brushing the skin allows the pours to stay open to release waste products. Skin brushing is a great addition to our comprehensive detox program or even to support detoxification on an occasional basis.

We recommend brushes made with natural fibers and done before a shower on dry skin. Nylon or synthetic fibers may irritate the skin.

Benefits of Skin Brushing

  1. Helps prevent wrinkles by tightening the skin.
  2. Releases uric acid crystals that can cause gout or kidney stones.
  3. Cleanses and purifies the kidneys.
  4. Removes dead skin cells and opens the pores so toxins may be released.
  5. Helps break down cellulite after 30 days of consistent brushing.
  6. Stimulates all the acupuncture meridians and promotes energy flow to organs and glands.
  7. Helps the skin have more elasticity, strength and youthful appearance.
  8. Improves blood circulation to the skin and all parts of the body.
  9. Relieves muscle tension and stress.
  10. Helps improve memory and promotes clearer thinking, because it improves blood flow to the head.
  11. Helps prevent headaches.
  12. Help to improve eyesight because circulation of the blood that carries nutrients to the eyes is greatly improved.
  13. Flow of oxygen to the lungs is enhanced.
  14. Prevents the formation of warts, skin tags, moles and fungus.
  15. Helps improved digestion and bowel elimination.
  16. Cleanses the lymph and improves immunity.
  17. Fights and removes bacteria dwelling on the skin.
  18. Promotes the production of natural oils form the oil glands into the skin.

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