Does pH Matter?


The quick answer is no!Does pH Matter? | Brannick Clinic of Natural Medicine

When people talk to me about pH, most really don’t know what that means. Are they concerned about the pH of their blood, saliva, or urine?

So, pH is a measure of acid vs. alkaline, which ranges from 1-14. Lower values are more acidic and higher values are more alkaline. A pH of 7, is considered neutral.

Drinking alkaline water to prevent cancer or any other disease is ridiculous and just another Internet propagated claim preying on people trying to improve their health. Saliva and stomach acid need to be at a low pH (1-2) or very acidic to digest food. Stomach acid with a pH above 3 results in poor digestion. Digestion is the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. Drinking an alkaline water and raising the pH of your stomach acid is harmful by preventing digestion—resulting in nutritional deficiencies. Blood pH is monitored very tightly by the body regulating it at 7.4. Any deviation in pH from 7.4 results in coma and death, so the claim cancer grows in an acid environment is a misrepresentation.

When you drink alkaline water all it does is force your body to become more acidic  It is cancer that creates a tiny acidic environment around a tumor. Drinking alkaline water would never effect this at the cellular level. The acid around a tumor is not the cause of the cancer, but a byproduct.

Another thing people do is monitor their urine pH. Urine is a waste product and has no bearing on health whatsoever. Drinking alkaline water will not change this.

So stop wasting your money on alkaline water. Use your money to purchase fresh, organic produce of fruits and vegetables. These are cancer preventing.