Detoxification: The Removal of Toxic Material from the Body

At the Brannick Clinic of Natural Medicine, we offer a comprehensive detox program. Detoxification isn’t simply taking an herb and increasing bowel movements. A great detox program pulls toxins out of the tissues into the blood stream to be filtered through the liver and kidneys. Our detox program focuses on the entire detox system—we address the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, fat tissue and elimination. All this taxes the liver and kidneys, so we fuel them to enhance filtration of toxins out of the body.

We utilize the following modalities:

• Hyperbaric Oxygen
• Constitutional Hydrotherapy
• Colon Hydrotherapy
• Infared Sauna
• Peat baths
• Detox Nutrients by Thorne Research

This comprehensive approach supports your journey to good health.

Lets get started!

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