Costa Rica


Costa Rica | Brannick Clinic of Natural MedicineI recently spent a week in Costa Rica. This is a country that embodies what it means to be healthy. Everything is designed to ensure the health of its people, food, plants and animals—including livestock. There is virtually no pollution and It was unusual to see trash anywhere except in a garbage can.

Years ago, Costa Rica decided to become sustainable and to preserve its natural beauty. They began by taking care of their people. The literacy rate is 97%—the highest in the world. This country is rated one of the highest for quality of life, which is evidenced by the pleasant disposition of everyone I met. They live in gratitude. They have very low carbon emissions with a carbon footprint of almost zero. The culture of the people is to protect the planet, so if there is garbage on the street, someone picks it up! The water is pure—containing no fluoride or chemicals. During the entire week, I never had a processed meal or a meal I didn’t like. The food is so different than ours—mostly organic, really fresh and it felt like I was nourishing my entire body.

We were on a tour and the guide told us the people of Costa Rica know eating beans and vegetables keeps them out of the hospital. Soda pop, while available for tourists, is not consumed by natives as they know it causes diabetes.

I wonder what big agriculture and big pharma have to say about this….