Colds and Flus—Another Perspective


Colds and Flus—Another Perspective | Brannick Clinic of Natural MedicineHere’s a different way of looking at colds and flus. Just think about it… when you have a cold or flu—everything comes out. We sneeze, we cough, we have a runny nose, we sweat and we have diarrhea. It is cathartic and should not be suppressed. This is the body’s innate, natural, intelligent way of healing. The typical person takes an antihistamine to stop the runny nose, anti-cough syrup, Tylenol to stop the fever and sweating—all which go directly against the body. We need to be more patient and allow the body to heal itself correctly. This unnatural suppression weakens the body and it can no long provide a good defense resulting in slow healing. A natural recovery is faster than a recovery using a suppressive approach.

There are many ways to support the body and speed healing with natural medicine. It is all about listening to the demands of your body and respecting the amazing job it does. If we are tired, we need to rest—don’t push through another day at work under high stress—further weakening us. If we are not hungry, allow the body to rest from the digestive process—drink water or soup, which are gentle. If you feel sore take a warm epsom salt bath to relax and decrease the pain. This is preferable to taking pain medication, which is hard on the liver.  There are homeopathic medicines which help reduce the intensity and shorten the duration of a cold or flu (e.g., muco coccinum, oscillococcinum). Immune support is available with vitamin A, C and zinc.

Most colds and flus are self limiting. Colds usually end within a week and flus in 24-48 hours.

Flu vaccines are not usually effective. Last year, at best, it was 20% effective in preventing the flu. Natural immunity is best. Once you get it, you are immune to that strain in the future. That is usually why most people only get the flu every few years.

Vaccines contain harmful substances and can cause problems later since all this is accumulative. You may not even notice the effects. There are many reasons to avoid vaccines and it’s a personal choice. I have not had any vaccines in at least 25 years and have no intention of ever getting another one!

Tips For Preventing Colds and Flues

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid high sugar diet
  • Consume high quality fruits and vegetables
  • Stay away from hospitals or sickly crowds
  • Get plenty of fresh air
  • Wash hands with soap (not antibacterial soap)

Vaccine Information Websites

As always, have a healthy day!