Chronic Shoulder Pain (Frozen Shoulder) and Sound Therapy


Chronic Shoulder Pain (Frozen Shoulder) and Sound Therapy | Brannick Clinic of Natural MedicineThrough the years I have seen many cases of chronic shoulder pain also known as frozen shoulder. The following is a typical case.

A woman came to me with chronic shoulder pain and great difficulty raising her arm. The pain interfered with sleep and she had past cortisone injections. The injections only gave her limited temporary pain relief and did not help with increasing her range of motion. She could not raise her arm or lift anything. She initially came to me with symptoms of fatigue, due to poor sleep and poor digestion. All these symptoms were treated naturally—without prescriptions drugs. The patient’s sleep, energy and digestion improved which gave her body the energy to heal her shoulder. She was compliant in taking my prescribed supplements to decrease inflammation and provide the necessary components to heal.

I spent 3 treatments working on her shoulder with our Well Wave extracorporeal acoustic therapy by Richard Wolf (this is not the same as ultrasound).

This therapy uses compressed sound to break up old scar tissue and helps the muscles regain function by releasing trigger points and myofascial tension along with bringing in fresh nutrients to restore tissue.

Just after her first treatment her range of motion improved by 50% and pain decreased by 60%. With 2 additional treatments, her range of motion was almost normal and pain 95% resolved. All without drugs and surgery—function was returned. Musculoskeletal issues should be seen first by a chiropractor who can restore function. Please see attached video….