Acupuncture Facelifts & Neck Lifts

Acupuncture Facelifts and Neck Lifts | Brannick Clinic of Natural MedicineThe acupuncture face lift and neck lift protocols are safe, non-surgical and effective alternatives to invasive surgical procedures and toxic injectables with natural-looking and long-lasting results. The acupuncture protocols involve inserting small diameter needles into the dermis of the skin at a shallow depth, approximately 2-3mm, which creates a micro-trauma and stimulates fibro blast activity that increases collagen and elastin production. Repeated application of the procedure causes the outer layer of skin, the epidermis, to thicken which can help smooth facial expression lines and improve elasticity which produces a “lifting” effect.

The improvement in skin integrity helps improve the definition of the cheek bones and jawline while increasing blood flow to the skin which supplies more oxygen to the skin that creates a “glowing” complexion that is more even in tone. This is one reason why infants and children have radiant skin because skin oxygen reserves are at their peak and then decrease with age, measurably after age 30.


Look Vibrant—Get Smoother & Radiant Skin

A minimum of 10-treatments provides optimal results, with either 2-treatments a week for at least 5 weeks or 1-treatment a week is equally effective, but it takes longer to see results. The results build on consecutive treatments, with most patients beginning to see results after the 5th treatment. It could take longer if more advanced skin aging is present.

Results are best observed at the rate of skin cell turnover every 28-40 days. This means the effects of each treatment are seen approximately 4-6 weeks later, after the cells have reached the skin surface. The skin continues to produce more stable collagen and elastin fibers for several months after the final treatment which maintains the increased skin thickness. A single treatment is recommended once every 3 months to maintain optimal results.

In addition to the office treatments, Dr. Kiselka provides patients with an after-care guide that discusses skincare, diet, and lifestyle factors to remove obstacles and complement the acupuncture effects.



Q: How does it work?
A: Acupuncture points on the face and body work together to strengthen the skin’s collagen and
elastin matrix, the scaffolding of the skin, which enables a lifting effect to reduce fine lines, sagging,
scarring, and uneven skin tone.


Q: What results can be expected?
A: There are several factors that influence results, but the most noticeable changes are a reduction
in fine lines, some even disappear, deeper lines are softened, definition of the jawline, smoothing of
cheeks and neck, dark spots fade, and complexion is more vibrant.


Q: How long do results last?
A: Results typically last 12 months, follow-up treatments 1x every 3 months maintain optimal results.


Q: Do the needles hurt?
A: Aesthetic acupuncture uses smaller needles that are inserted at a shallow depth, so most points are
painless. The face is more sensitive so occasionally a mild sensation is felt when a needle initially enters, but
then resolves. Patients often comment the procedure is just as comfortable as regular acupuncture.


Q: Can I have aesthetic acupuncture done if I have recently had Botox or other injectables?
A: A minimum of 6-8 months after most recent Botox or injectable is required before receiving aesthetic


Q: Is aesthetic acupuncture covered by insurance?
A: Aesthetic acupuncture is not considered a medical necessity and is therefore, not covered by insurance.


Q: Are there any side effects with aesthetic acupuncture?
A: In some instances, a treatment site on the skin may bruise slightly, but usually clears in
3-7 days. The needle insertion is shallow so there is minimal risk of other complications.
Additional benefits often include improved sleep, decreased stress, and better mood.


Q: How many treatments and needles are necessary for optimal results?
A: A minimum of 10 treatments are necessary, spread out over 5 weeks, 2-4 days apart. This allows the
collagen matrix to heal and strengthen. A total of 75 needles complete each treatment. Additional
treatments may be recommended to achieve optimal results.


Q: Are the face and neck protocols separate?
A: Yes, the face and neck protocols are independent and should be done separately, but either can be
started after completion of the other protocol, if desired or recommended.


Q: How much does aesthetic acupuncture cost?
A: Each treatment is $129 with a minimum of 10 treatments for either the face or neck lift protocol. A package of 10 treatments may be purchased with a 10% discount.


Available at our Chicago, LaGrange Park and St. Charles locations.