A New Way to Divorce


A New Way to Divorce | Brannick ClinicToo often people are thwarted from living the life they desire due to horrific divorce stories told by their friends and family. Sometimes people fall out of love with their spouse. Sometimes people want to live a different life—full of happiness, love and fulfillment. They feel they can no longer achieve that life with their spouse.

There is a way to get a divorce that eliminates the stress and abuse of the court system. Holistic Divorce Resolution offers clients a new way to divorce. We keep clients outside the court system by utilizing mediation and incorporating life coaching.

Divorce is as much a legal process as an emotional process. All the legal issues are handled in mediation sessions. We are guided by the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act and draft fair documents fitting your unique situation.

We provide emotional support by gifting you with a variety of healing products that focus on balancing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self. Holistic Divorce Resolution is partnered with healers in the surrounding areas to provide you with outlets for self-reflection and help you get to a place of forgiveness for life post-divorce.

There are many benefits to mediation. The mediation process is significantly shorter than litigation and is focused on empowering and building people up rather than tearing them apart. As such, the barrage of negative emotions found in divorce are not provided the toxic environment to thrive and grow.

Mediation is significantly more cost effective than litigation. We provide our clients with a flat-fee schedule, tailor-made to the unique needs of your marriage and family. The flat-fee method helps manage your budget for the services your specific case requires.

Moreover, mediation insulates the children of divorce. We provide our clients with the skills and tools necessary to foster a positive co-parenting dynamic. Parenting does not end when your child emancipates—it is a lifelong job. This means you and your spouse will be entwined in each other’s lives as co-parents until the day one of you die. Morbid, but true.

The focus of a divorce with children is on the children. We keep their best interest in mind and strive to create an agreement having the lowest negative impact on them.

Another benefit of mediation is its confidential nature. Every court pleading filed in the litigation process, containing every nasty allegation becomes part of a permanent public record. A record any one of your colleagues, neighbors, friends, family and children can access at any time. The only documents that will be in the public record are those necessary to start and finalize the divorce. Everything in-between is private and completely confidential.

Holistic Divorce Resolution welcomes the opportunity to connect with you and help you achieve an amicable divorce. Our unique process will take care of you and your spouse as you are going through the difficult process. We offer free consultations and flexible business hours.

Additional information can be found on our website: www.holisticdivorceresolution.com.

Holistic Divorce Resolution has two offices in the Chicagoland area. The first is located within Brannick Clinic of Natural Medicine at 1650 E. Main Street, St. Charles; and the second is located at 1111 Chicago Avenue, Suite 220, Oak Park.