5-Easy Steps to Restore Your Health and Lose 5- to 10-Pounds Quickly

  1. 5-Easy Steps to Restore Your Health | Brannick ClinicReplace all sugary, energy or hard drinks with water. Shoot for drinking 64 ounces a day. If you are a larger person you should drink more. Drink with a straw—it’s more fun and you will drink more water. In summer, water can be chilled, if you are warm. However, in winter, the water should be room temperature. It take a lot of energy to heat cold water from 40 degrees to our body temperature of 98.8 degrees. That energy needs to go to keeping us warm and keeping our immune system strong. We have limited energy, and it is wasteful to use it heating up cold water to keep our bodies at their healthy temperature. Swish the water in your mouth, get your lips wet and then swallow. It is preferable to drink a glass of water with your meals, as this will enhance the digestive process. Water should be of high quality—filtered, reverse osmosis UV light exposed. Try not to drink tap water unless you have a home filtering system. Water should be stored in glass or in hard clear plastic bottles. Replacing water for all your liquid intake decreases 28 percent of the junk calories in your diet and increases the detoxification process. This simple choice will improve your health!
  2. Park your car at the opposite end of the parking lot whenever you use it—whether it is for work, school, grocery store, etc. Also, try to avoid elevators and take the stairs. Start to walk more and use the car less. Walk whenever you can. This helps the environment, saves money on gas and burns fat!
  3. Purchase new plates and bowls that are smaller in size. This will automatically decrease your portions and decrease caloric intake.
  4. Take time to eat and slow down. You must sit down whenever you eat. Do not eat standing up or as you are running out the door. If you cannot sit down then do not eat. Eating on the run usually involves poor food quality and damages the digestive system. In order to properly digest our food we need to be in the resting or parasympathetic state. Put your fork down between bites—enjoy your food. Take the time to taste it.
  5. Chew you food until it is liquid. Do not swallow food whole as you are running out the door. Chewing more frequently sends signals to the brain that you are full faster and you will decrease your food intake.

This is the beginning to restoring your health and the beginning of losing weight. Once this is mastered, you can move on to including a more comprehensive approach to restoring your health and losing more weight!